Van der Tak

J. van der Tak

A harmonium manufacturer from the Netherlands who started already in 1859, Rotterdam.

Around 1884 he closed almost  his workshop for harmoniums and made the Reed Organ

in the American way and called his Factory American Organ Co.

Each harmonium has inside the bellows of a Newspaper,

The  Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant dated 1889

This Instrument is the biggest harmonium we have ever seen from him and build in 1889!!

A 2mp pedal with only Estéve Reeds Paris and specially made

 for the English market!!

The sales agent was Stonefield London.

Uppermanual16, 8, 8, 4 (B)16, 8, 8, 8, 4, 4 (Tr) Lowermanual16, 8, (B)16, 8, 8 VC, (Tr)Pedal16 and 8 Manual  C – c4Pedal C – f1
Manualcoppler Unrestored and price on request!!! Pedalcoppler