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bulletreed organ, harmonium  and celesta repair and restoration.
bulletreed organ, harmonium and Celesta appraisal.
bulletintercession in reed organ, harmonium and celesta rental.

Since 1975  I have been working as an independent appraiser and restorer of reed organs and harmoniums and celestas.

In my workshop in Dieren (The Netherlands) I restore and repair instruments of various shape, size and age.

Besides my activities as restorer I am regularly asked for appraisals/valuations of reed organs, harmoniums and celestas in The Netherlands as well in Europe. Even outside Europe!!

I also intercede in the rental of reed organs, harmoniums and celestas. For already more than 2 decades now we have been observing a renewed interest in the above mentioned instruments and its music. Music originally written for a reed organ/harmonium as the accompaniment in a choir is performed again with a reed organ/harmonium. For these performances very specific instruments are often needed, with a specific characteristic sound and pitch (for instance a = 438 or a=441). When such an instrument is requested, I let one of my own instruments, or I intercede in the rental of an instrument from one of my customers.

What type of instruments are restored?
All different types: small, portable instruments as well as large instruments with three manuals and pedals.

When is an instrument worth being restored?
Difficult to say. Your instrument can have some emotional value for you; that can be more important for some owners than the musical or cultural value. One of the most important questions is: what is the opinion of the owner. When someone owns a reed organ with emotional value, he/she is willing to pay a certain amount of money to get the instrument in a good, playing condition.

Besides, every instrument has a certain cultural and musical value. Based on that value I can appraise it, and can advise whether or not to repair or restore it.

Do you only restore instruments of top-manufacturers?
No, when an owner of a reed organ asks me to restore an instrument, and he agrees on the amount I ask for the restoration,  I will repair or restore the instrument.

Do you only get requests from The Netherlands?
No, regularly I receive requests from people all over Europe and the island Madeira. I too got requests from South, Middle and North America, Japan, Australia, Bangladesh, South Africa and India.. When we come to an agreement (which comes often)  the instrument will be shipped to my shop, and I will repair or restore it. But more common it is I have to come to their mainresidence and do the job overthere. A major challenge!!

Do you only restore suction instruments, or also pressure instruments?
Both. I have worked on common classical suction instruments, commonly used in The Netherlands, as well as on rare pressure instruments from famous French, German, England, India, Dutch, Austria and Belgium manufacturers.

How can someone get information about the costs of a needed restoration?
I can be contacted at the following address, by e-mail and telephone, and if necessary an appointment can be made. .