Rushworth & Dreaper

Rushworth & Dreaper #1073-3380, build in 1915. Modell B Unrestored, but these are magnificient pedal reed organs With 10 sets of reeds. Build by famous Pipe Organ Builders in the UK. Only 335 are made between 1910 and 1939.

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Van der Tak

J. van der Tak A harmonium manufacturer from the Netherlands who started already in 1859, Rotterdam. Around 1884 he closed almost  his workshop for harmoniums and made the Reed Organ in the American way and called his Factory American Organ Co. Each harmonium has inside the bellows of a Newspaper, The  Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant dated […]

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Reed Organ

Mason & Hamlin  Boston USA   3mp Reed Organ A special reed organ with their first modification as they started in 1881 with the 3mp models They build it up as their Style 800 with the same handpump vertical feeder bellows and all stops divided! The original handcranck is still there!! They called it Style 1200 […]

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Art Harmonium

Tres Unique Art Harmonium build by Victor Mustel and delivered to Mason & Hamlin Boston USA. As far as we know now there has been 5 of these instruments delivered  to Mason & Hamlin in the 60-ies. The cabinet is made by M&H. One is destroyed, one is lost, one in San Francisco USA,  one […]

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